December 2018

Letter From the Editors

2018 has come to an end, and so has our first year as newspaper staff. We greatly hope you enjoy our news and are thankful for the opportunity to grow with your support.

We would like to thank Kaela Williams, Karen Schotanus, Dominique Barbour, Sarah Stout, Dani Gurley, Chris Wood, Cassandra Long, Brook Rentz, and Duane Lyon. Putting this together without their contributions would be impossible.

The city staff of both Edwardsville and Bonner Springs have been very supportive and cooperative.

Our advertisers are serious about ensuring the community continues to have an outlet for news, and they have never waivered or doubted us as we grow.

Our supporters and subscribers are so encouraging, it keep us going when the task of filling the pages seems overwhelming.

Thank you to all who subscribe, everyone who makes it a habit to stop and buy each issue, and those who tell your friends. The enthusiasm for having a paper again is evident.

This is an amazing experience, and we’re grateful to have Edwardsville and Bonner as our hometowns.

If everyone is ready to subscribe for another year and do this again, then we will continue writing.

Thank you for the opportunity.

Travis Slankard & LeAndra Johnson



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